Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

How to Register

The legislation applicable in Bermuda includes an extensive list of persons and companies that are qualified to register an aircraft in Bermuda.

In order to place an aircraft on the Bermuda Register a person must be a United Kingdom national, Commonwealth citizen, or national of any European Economic Area State. In addition, bodies incorporated in any part of the Commonwealth (includes Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies) and which have their registered office or principal place of business in any other part of the Commonwealth, or undertakings formed in accordance with the law of an European Economic Area State and which have their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Economic Area are also qualified.

For persons or corporations who do not meet these requirements you may incorporate in any of the qualified entities mentioned above. Alternatively, you may wish to incorporate a Bermuda Company and in this regard you may want to contact a Bermuda Law Firm, a current list of which may be found on our website.

In order to start the registration process it is necessary to submit an Application for Registration of Aircraft or Change of Ownership.