Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

America’s Cup Airspace Restrictions

The Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority’s purpose, among its other responsibilities, is to ensure that aviation in Bermuda and the surrounding airspace adheres to the local legislation. The BCAA ensures that all local aviation operations are safe by upholding these laws. 

Given the complexity and volume of aviation and marine operations associated with the 35th America’s Cup the BCAA have promulgated temporary Restricted Areas (TX(R) – 002 and TX(R) – 003) for the duration of the event. These Restricted Areas were set up to ensure the safety of the public and flight operations in support of the event. These America’s Cup associated operations could possibly be jeopardized by aircraft (manned or unmanned), or other flying craft unaware of the intricacies involved for each stage of the events. The Restricted Areas also give the BCAA the tool and ability to communicate what is and is not allowed during the time-frame of the events. Finally, the restrictions imposed allow flight operations to function while mitigating the likelihood of serious incident or accident occurring. 

Temporary Restricted Areas Maps

Government Notice – TX(R) – 002

Government Notice – TX(R) – 003